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Project AMCEC
  • client : amcec
  • Year : 2016
  • URL : amcec.org
  • category : web dev / e-mailings / Social Networks
  • Status : Client
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project details

AMCEC (Asociación Mutual de Capacitadores y Emprendedores Córdoba) is an organization that work towards teachers and professors professional development. It was founded in 2008 but until 2015 has never worked on their communicational and branding strategy.

AMCEC get in contact with us for designing a email marketing campaign. However, there were some others things to do previously creating the marketing action. Starting from were all the potential customers would launch after being interested in the email that reached their mailbox.

Firstly, we create a communicational strategies trying to understand which were the most urgent things to communicate to their current clients. Secondly, we design the future steps towards the communicational strategy path. We end up building their first website and their first communicational strategy. Now, we work and develop their digital communication strategy and put into practices their digital wishes. We maintain their website and develop bots to work in their website and give quick answers to customers inquires. We also work on their organizational communication to reach new partners and develop their business plan.